May It Nourish Your Soul – The Mind -Gut Connection and Anxiety with Neeyaz Zolfaghari

Oct 1, 2022 | Podcast

On today’s episode of Anxiety Talks, we’re joined by Nourishment Coach Neeyaz Zolfaghari.
Neeyaz shares her mental, physical, and emotional journey with Graves Disease (an autoimmune disorder), and together we talk about the importance of mindfully slowing down during the healing process.
As a certified health coach, Neeyaz brilliantly shares information on the mind-gut connection (AKA – your anxiety and your gut health are way more connected than you might think).  Listen till the end for tips on intuitive eating, foods to support anxiety management, and a mini-rant on fad diets 😉  Neeyaz also shares ACTIONABLE takeaways for you to to reduce stress, improve brain neuroplasticity, and create more mindful patterns in your life.  

“In most cases hyper restriction of anything of anything only creates a deep desire of rebellion.”

Amanda Huggins

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