Scientific. Spiritual. Practical.

Created to work with your brain, not against it.

After a few visits to rock bottom in my twenties, I finally decided to take control of my mental health and dove head-first into any healing modality I could get my hands on: therapy, coaching, self-help books, yoga, meditation, you name it.

While “the work” was working, I couldn’t ignore the fact that I’d hit a frustrating impasse.

I knew a lot about healing and growth…
And I had a ton of data points about myself…
But I didn’t feel measurably different.

I knew that in order to embody a “me” I was proud of, I needed an approach that worked with the anxious mind. When I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for, I created it. The multidisciplinary approach I offer to clients and students combines the science of the human mind with the inherent spirituality of human nature, broken down in a way where even the most anxious minds can begin to integrate the information and transform themselves.

Embodying change

Connecting “knowing” and “feeling”

Whether your anxiety is an inner request to heal from the past, a “soul nudge” asking you to enact quantum change in the present, or something else entirely…one thing is for sure: it’s trying to get your attention.

Countless clients and students have shared some version of this statement with me: “Amanda, I know that I’m enough. I know that I’m worthy. I know that I’ll be fine…but I don’t feel like any of that is true. Knowing it doesn’t actually change anything.”

It’s a common, frustrating disconnect: knowing something is true, but feeling unable to enact change based on that knowledge. Together, my clients and I seek to understand, process, and release what is blocking them from embodying their vision for themselves.

tune in to your anxiety

Start with the body. Work with the mind. Dialogue with the soul.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Let’s thoughtfully design your expansion of mind, body, and soul together.


Start with the body.

Imagine trying to hold an important conversation with someone while standing front row at an overcrowded, noisy heavy metal concert. It’s an exercise in exhausting, ineffective communication, right?

That’s exactly what it’s like to reprogram the mind for healing when the body is still in fight-or-flight: there’s too much noise for much of the inner work to stick! Together, we dial that volume down with research-backed approaches like:

  • Brain-heart coherence
  • Somatic awareness exercises
  • Parasympathetic nervous system support
  • Neural repogramming



Dialogue with the soul.

What if I asked you to explain your anxiety to me without using the word “anxiety”? What emotions, past experiences, and core narratives are driving how you show up today?

Let’s open up a compassionate, non-judgemental space to explore what your unique soul work is. As you prepare to create a new vision for yourself (and embody it), we’ll safely identify, explore, and heal past narratives through practices like:

  • Emotional de-layering
  • Inner child work
  • Soul retrieval
  • Guided visioning
  • Quantum creation work



Work with the mind.

Practical, honest accountability is the answer to that million-dollar question: “Yeah, but how do I actually embody what I’m learning?

Let’s figure out how your brain operates first. What’s your learning style? What has – and hasn’t worked – in the past when you’ve tried to create lasting change? Let’s take honesty, accountability, and personal responsibility to new heights without judgment or pressure.

The specifics of your inner work will always be uniquely yours, but there are systems, structures, and varied levels of support that we’ll adapt to suit your lifestyle:

  • Ownership and personal responsibility explorations
  • Daily and weekly accountability
  • Real-time support


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