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Amanda Huggins Coaching

Meet Amanda Huggins, 2022

Psych Central, 2022

Massage and Bodywork Magazine, September/October issue 2021

“The Empathic Practitioner: How to Maintain Your Energetic Health.”
Poosh, 2021
“How Sleep and Anxiety are Interconnected”
Poosh, 2021
“Is Your Relationship Making Your Anxiety Worse?”
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“From Anxiety to Empowerment”
Small Business Journal, 2021

“Gravity’s Weighted Blankets Bring Science and Wellness Together for a Product That Supports Mental Health”

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The Thirty, 2018
“How to Embrace a Bad Mood”.
– Amanda has also engaged in 3 “account takeovers” of The Thirty’s Instagram account, to field questions about anxiety and stress
Well + Good, 2018
“Does My Friend Like Me? – How to Deal With Impostor Syndrome”
Voyage LA, 2018
“Meet Amanda Huggins of Anxiety to Empowerment”
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“Fitness Citizen Spotlight: Amanda Huggins”


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Do The Work Podcast – Former co-host and founder, 6 episodes

Amanda’s Additional Credentials

Coaching Training, 2016 - 2018

Apprenticed directly under three-time author & leading Women’s Empowerment Coach Melanie Klein from 2016-2018; influenced by David Neagle’s coaching lineage & course material.

HeartMath Institute

Clinical Certification for Stress, Anxiety, & Self-Regulation

Cyndi Dale’s Apprenticeship Program

Enrolled student in apprenticeship: Discovering, Owning, and Maximizing Your Healing Gifts

Meditation Instructor, 2016 - Present

Instructed 600+ hours of meditation via in-person classes, digital meditations, and recordings.

Certified Power Yoga Instructor, 2016 - Present

400 hours of training. Trained and taught at the legendary Bryan Kest Power Yoga studio amongst 6 other LA-based yoga studios. Offered corporate, private, and group classes. Hosted 3 retreats in Bali, Costa Rica, and Italy.