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“I’ve worked with countless therapists - to varying degrees of success - finding a non-therapist who is relatable and rooted in an actionable approach to changing both thoughts and behaviors has proved difficult. Amanda blends many of the most effective tenants of traditional therapy (including CBT), with the dynamic and spiritual elements of Universal Law to work with clients in a progressive and unique way. This blend of the rational and the spiritual are a breath of fresh air for anyone looking for a better, more holistic approach to mental health.”

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I’m excited to continue partnering with media outlets, brands, and other organizations that are ready to illuminate the importance of mental health, wellness, and growth within their communities.

Brands partnership requirements:

1.) Must be authentically rooted in creating a safe space for mental health & growth. 
2.) Must have a credible, positive public reputation
3.) Must have shared alignment in values & core messaging.

Brands must be inclusive, diverse, and progressive

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Join dozens of top agencies, start-ups, and Fortune 500 companies in the quest for creating a more supportive workplace.
Zoom-friendly corporate development programs for companies eager to offer employees new resources on mental health, personal development, anxiety management, and meditation.”

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