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are you ready to heal on a core level?

⏀You are excited to create quantum leaps in your life!
⏀You will put in the work to heal!
⏀You are ready to financially invest in your growth!

⏀You have already begun your own “inner work.”
⏀You may be in an unfulfilling career.
⏀You're looking to heal unresolved trauma.

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I'll be in touch if we are a good fit! I truly care about my clients and create both an intimate and expansive container. With that, I only take on a select number of clients per year. 

sound like YOU? 

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abundant, powerful version of yourself
a calm inner state no matter what life throws at you 
a career and life you love
healthy relationships and expansive boundaries

you can heal and expand

coaching experiences

Bespoke, intensive 1:1 coaching to help you identify and work through 3-5 “stuck” areas in your life. We uncover the root, with the focus on growth, inner expansion, and deep self-love. I encourage you to move beyond your personal limitations to create space for quantum change in your life. 

I believe you are here for a reason.

The purpose of this offering is to help you feel empowered, always supported and to ultimately create your own conscious toolkit for life you love, free from rampant fear-based or anxious thoughts.

Weekly 1 hour zoom calls, daily accountability, direct text/voice/email office hours for ongoing support, self-study/growth-based homework, bonus guided, customized meditations, and more!

All sessions can be recorded for your continued growth! 

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long-term: 6, 9, or 12 month coaching 


Interested in coaching, but aren't quite ready for a long-term program? Drop-in sessions are ideal for those who:

- Would like support working through a specific trigger, experience, mindset, or energy
- Are in need of a touch-up or are seeking more tools along their existing emotional/mental/spiritual journey
- Aren't exactly sure what they need yet, and want to start create clarity

drop-in coaching CALL 



 $350 drop-in call includes:

75 minutes of intensive coaching, FREE access to my Anxiety Management 101 workshop (a $75 value!), email follow-up, and bonuses/prioritzation for available long-term coaching spots.

Read Nicky's transformation 

When I first reached out to Amanda, it was a week before my house burned down. I was in a really bad spot with shallow breathing that I would later find out was associated with anxiety. I've actually been dealing with it since 8th grade but I didn't realize it was anxiety related, I always thought there was something physically wrong with my lungs or something (I even got tests done on my lungs, heart, etc. thinking it could only be physical lol). But my breathing was getting so bad that I couldn't function and be present anymore. Half of my mind was going to thinking about how I would breathe from one second to the other, while the other half of my brain was trying to be present for whatever I was doing at that moment. I fortunately saw Amanda post a story on Instagram about shallow breathing and it's connection to anxiety. I'm so grateful I saw that insta story because not only did it lead to me reaching out to Amanda, but it happened the week that I lost my home in the Woolsey fire. The timing of figuring out how to deal with my anxiety with Amanda couldn't have been more important. 

One of my biggest accomplishments is being able to understand and have a "toolkit" for managing my shallow breathing. It's been a 19 year issue of mine that I can now manage after working with Amanda. My second accomplishment is being able to process the loss of our home while simultaneously improving my relationship with my mom, which I thought would never happen! Working with Amanda made what could have been one of the darkest and hardest times of my life into a manageable and transformative one instead. 

every experience is customized for optimal growth and support

a personal reflection

Where were you at when you started coaching? What brought you to coaching?

What have you accomplished since then?

I honestly feel, aware. Working with Amanda has guided me into this space of being able to take a step back and observe situations, my feelings and how and why my body is reacting in ways that I didn't know I could do before. It's funny because I'm doing more things now that push me past my comfort zone (things that would normally throw me into a shallow breathing panic attack) than before working with Amanda, but the anxiety and shallow breathing I once felt seems so much smaller of an issue now. 

I knew I needed someone to guide me, ask me the hard questions, make me feel comfortable about being vulnerable, someone to keep me accountable, provide me action items and create a toolkit to help me when she's not around. Working with a coach was so much more than just talking about my feelings and then wondering, "okay so... what now?" Amanda also helped me realize that this work is like a marathon, not a sprint. I'm really grateful to have Amanda coach me through this time of my life and gosh, I just can't help but think what the world could be like if everyone had an anxiety coach (like Amanda) at every stage of life #daydreamingforabetterfuture.

After one particularly bad stint - I was calling out of work left and right, bailing on all my friends, in a tremendous amount of debt, all while my mental and physical health disintegrated - I finally decided to listen to my inner voice.

How do you FEEL now? What has changed?

working with amanda made what could have been one of the darkest and hardest times of my life into a manageable and transformative one instead. 


"Prior to working with Amanda I was overwhelmed - I had so many emotions yet didn't even know where to start in processing them. She really helped me be able to identify patterns that don't serve me in their tracks in order to prevent the spiral and anxiety I would often feel about events in my life. It feels amazing to have someone that is fully in your corner & dedicated to your growth. Amanda has held space for me to be unfiltered and work through the shadowy thoughts. That is how the real change occurs."

client love notes


“l loved working with Amanda! She’s such a positive spirit and I felt so comfortable sharing my story and discussing some of my fears around taking the leap, leaving my job, and moving forward with my business. She’s helped me shift my perspective and rethink the stories i’ve been telling myself. She’s also been integral in helping me elevate my energy levels and calling in what I want and what I truly deserve without focusing on the what ifs.”

client love notes

self-paced options

Relationship Anxiety 101

⏀ Gain a better understanding of your anxious patterns & learn how to process them
⏀ Break down triggers, residual anger, and fear narratives that are holding you back
⏀ Learn how to create better boundaries in relationships
⏀ Develop emotional management techniques to help you soothe anxiety
⏀ Dive deep into creating an abundance of self love!

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“It was very eye opening to realize that I feel anxiety in my chest and gut and that based off location can be seen as either temporary or deep rooted. Diving deep into what is the cause of my relationship anxiety and or attachment style wasn’t daunting or scary. I felt safe and secure. It allowed me to have a deeper understanding of myself and what I can own in my anxiety and attachment style.” 

I felt safe and secure

- Emily Marsh || Founder of It's Emily Marsh Business Management

I can change my life by changing my mind

I can change my life by changing my mind

I can change my life by changing my mind

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