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Harness your anxiety, don’t just manage it.
Start your transformative journey with our free practice: Anxiety as an Activation.

This transformative series offers a unique, holistic approach to managing anxiety, combining practical exercises with spiritual reflection for a complete understanding.

Do you often feel clouded by the mist of anxiety, unsure of its source, or how to gently integrate it? It’s time for a change.

Your journey with anxiety may look a little something like
→ Feeling lost and overwhelmed in the chaos of anxiety.
→ The inability to pinpoint triggers and emotional responses.
→ Struggling to connect spiritually amidst the storm.
→ Muddled emotions hindering effective regulation.
→ A sense of stagnation instead of growth and self-acceptance.

transform, befriend and neutralize your anxiety

Your transformation begins with our free practice which includes:

Journal prompts and meditations for deeper self-awareness.
→ Audio recordings and somatic practices for practical coping.
→ Soul dialogues to enrich your spiritual connection.
→ A final celebration ceremony as a transformative experience.

the daily


Day 1

Understanding Anxiety: A Mindful Approach

An introduction to mindful awarness in anxiety management.

Day 2

Body-Mind Connection: Somatic Techniques for Anxiety

Learn practical somatic exercises for stress relief

Day 3

Inner Dialogue: Integrating Spirituality in Mental Health

Spiritual perspectives in understanding the self

Day 4

Emotional Insight: A Structured Self-Reflection

Gain clarity and improve regulation through emotional audits

Day 5

Celebrating Growth: A Ceremony of Activation

Recognise & celebrate your daily wins and meet the new version of you

Imagine living with your anxiety, yet feeling in control, understanding, and even appreciating it.

This practice empowers you with practical coping skills, enhances your emotional regulation, and deepens your spiritual connection, taking you into a new paradigm where you meet anxiety with self-acceptance.


Meet Your Guide

Hi, I’m Amanda!

H’i my love!  I’m genuinely stoked that you’re here—exploring, learning, and engaging in this unique journey of self-discovery and healing. 

And…I’m just as stoked  to invite you to ‘Anxiety as an Activation,’ a transformative, 5-day email series that I’ve created help you catalyze a powerful shift in your relationship with anxiety.

When I say anxiety is an “activation”, I mean that it’s here to wake you up to deep, powerful, and long-term change. Anxiety isn’t something to be conquered or suppressed; it’s a messenger nudging you toward change and growth…and that’s a super, super powerful thing. 

So…let’s activate that growth of yours together! 

‘Anxiety as an Activation’ is more than just a set of practices; it’s an invitation to embark on a journey towards better understanding your anxiety in mind, body, and soul. During this five day series, I’ll be (virtually) holding your hand and walking you through a key lesson each day, that’s designed to help you better understand your anxiety, and, of course…your Self.

I’m in this with you, my love, and I’m honored to be your guide.

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Anxiety Coach

Can you imagine?

✓ Nurturing a sophisticated understanding of yourself

✓ Being equipped with effective, practical tools to handle your anxiety

✓ Forging a peaceful connection with your spiritual self

✓ Achieving crystal clear emotional clarity

✓ Embarking on a transformative journey towards self-acceptance and empowerment